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Burj Khalifa and its beauty lights up to mark the International Thalassaemia Day ’22

Patients, families, and support organisations looked on as Burj khalifa carried a message of support and solidarity for thalassaemia patients,

Ammar Alblooshi Ammar Alblooshi May 9, 2022

UAE celebrates Eid Al Fitr joyfully after 2 years post COVID-19 pandemic

UAE residents told that they were able to celebrate Eid joyfully two years after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Layla Majeed Layla Majeed May 2, 2022

UAE Considers visa-free travel for gulf residents to enhance tourism

In an effort to attract more visitors, the UAE government is considering a significant policy change that would allow Gulf

Moosa Rashed Moosa Rashed September 26, 2023