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Up to Dh500,000 fine for misuse of official emblem, as per the new law announced by Dubai govt

This law aims to protect the integrity and exclusivity of the official emblem, ensuring that it is used appropriately and

Ahmed Hosni Ahmed Hosni October 2, 2023

Vice-President of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid pledges his support to Sheikh Khalifa’s death in a poem

All Emiratis and expats in the UAE are grieving the loss of their beloved leader, who successfully made the UAE

Moosa Rashed Moosa Rashed May 14, 2022

Dubai retains its position as the 2nd most attractive city in the world

Dubai was ahead of other cities in the world including Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, London, Munich, Berlin, Barcelona and New York

Moosa Rashed Moosa Rashed December 15, 2022