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Burj Khalifa and its beauty lights up to mark the International Thalassaemia Day ’22

Patients, families, and support organisations looked on as Burj khalifa carried a message of support and solidarity for thalassaemia patients,

Ammar Alblooshi Ammar Alblooshi May 9, 2022

Vice-President of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid pledges his support to Sheikh Khalifa’s death in a poem

All Emiratis and expats in the UAE are grieving the loss of their beloved leader, who successfully made the UAE

Moosa Rashed Moosa Rashed May 14, 2022

UAE remains the most competitive economy in the MENA region in 2022

UAE was ranked 12th globally amongst the world's major economies, and stays more competitive than Canada, Germany, China, France, New

Moosa Rashed Moosa Rashed June 15, 2022